About us

Bewi Energy AS was formed 01.01.19 to enter the Energy Market with new, innovative and sustainable solutions that will utilize and grow the existing Bewi Group network of 32 factories spread across Europe.

Bewi Energy AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bewi Group. We consist of 1.500 highly skilled employees who runs and operate our 32 manufacturing plants in 6 European countries. Our revenue was EUR 750 million in 2018.

The Group is strategically integrated throughout the value chain with an annual production capacity of 185,000 tonnes of the raw material EPS beads and with market leadership positions for its solutions for Packaging & Components and Insulation in several European countries. EPS, also called cellular plastic foam, is among others used for packaging of food, pharmaceuticals and technical components, as well as insulation of buildings and infrastructure. Today our products protect and insulate everything from fish and vegetables to fragile products. Expanded polystyrene is also used in walls, roofs and floors, under streets and roads, and in bridges. Our products make a difference, but we are on a mission. We want to change things and drive the industry forward. By combining technology and innovation with production and operational know-how, we will develop new areas for EPS. We aim to become the leading EPS producer in Europe, and an internationally renowned brand regarding environmental responsibility. Our focus on the Energy Sector represents a major growth potential. New products deriving from recycling of plastics used in the industry in combination with our enthusiasm will show significant effect in the years to come.

Our contribution

The 17 UN Sustainability Goals are high on our priority list.

Bewi Energy has a clear focus to align every activity we do with one or several of the 17 UN sustainability goals. Top management has already changed several internal processes to make sure we contribute as much as possible and we will not start a new without ticking off positive contribution to at least one of the 17 areas. We encourage you to visit www.unenvironment.org to read up should you not already be well enlightened.

Read more about our work with sustainability and QEHS here.