Robotic handling

Robotic handling

Bewi Energy is the exclusive distributor of FANUC`s product line in the North Sea Basin out of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Baltic Countries.  We are the Non-Exclusive distributor to offshore installations in the rest of the world.
We proudly present a robot that did not originally carry ATEX Ex Zone 1 approvals – but now does. This was done in order to locate the RIGHT robot for the specific task of mounting and dismounting the Bewi Protectors in the Red Zone on the Drill Floor.

A solution to protect the robot from working in harsh environment and even cold climate below 50 degrees C° is in place – still maintaining its Ex classification.

We have by this exercise learned a lot and generated a robot that can be fitted with specialized tools (tailor making by Bewi Energy) for a wide array of tasks possible to robotize – in most areas of a drilling site.
There is an array of robots available in our portfolio hence we are very flexible in locating the right robot for specific tasks – and make sure it can reach ATEX approvals in Zone 2 or Zone 1 by demand.

Our own organization will be able to perform On Site Surveys, Engineering, FAT, installation, SAT and life span service in our territory.
FANUC is, to our knowledge, the only robot manufacturer that guarantees lifelong access to spare parts to their complete robot portfolio.

24/7 remote assistance is available.
Please visit and have a look at the selection of robots and we are happy to assist in making sure we work together to solve your request.
Please contact us for further details and clarifications at